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Without revisiting your OLD wounds, you cannot create a NEW life

It’s not easy to look in the mirror and see empty eyes staring back because the pain of the past is so overwhelming that you’re numb. You’ve mastered smiling through pain. You’ve mastered showing up when your energy is low. You’ve mastered pretending to be strong. You’ve masted being in the world everyday and FUNCTIONING, but no one knows how deeply you are hurting. You front because you don’t want to be a burden emotionally. You don’t want to be a burden, period.

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I’m not impressed with your “spirituality”

Until I hear you speak the raw unfiltered truth about YOU to YOU, until I see you love yourself without judgement, cry your deepest cry because the pain of all you’ve carried on your shoulders is now too much to bare and you’re ready to put it down so you can get UP, I won’t be impressed.

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If you’re not healing your past emotional trauma, how are you really living a full life?

Emotional trauma is like a dirty little secret. Most of us have some, but very few want to admit that not dealing with it is the real culprit behind the roller-coaster called THEIR LIFE.

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Are you currently experiencing the SLINGSHOT effect and didn’t realize it?

A lot of people are going through major shifts and changes in their life currently and it does NOT feel comfortable. In fact it feels extremely weary, like they are being pulled so far back into worry and doubt they have no control over what happens next.


And, it is making folks question their whole reality because the discomfort doesn’t feel bearable at all and giving up feels easier than allowing and accepting.

But, there’s good news!

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5 Ways You Keep Sabotaging Your Own Emotional Healing…

All of us are on a journey to GREATNESS, not because we are not already pretty dope, BUT because some of us tend to forget.

Maybe, life got in the way. Bullshit beliefs that simply don’t serve us got in the way. People who project their own fears and half-assed action plans got in the way.

Let’s face it…..YOU probably got in your own way too.

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5 lessons learned after dealing with a know-it-all

You’ve been there, haven’t you? Dealing with a person who literally comes to you for help, advice, answers … but they are very much stuck in doing things their way even though their way hasn’t worked and probably never will. Take a deep breath. This is probably going to be a bumpy ride….until you are able to get off the roller coaster, that is.

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Using your voice is a spiritual journey in itself

Your voice is your connection to your truth. So, speak it. Scream it. Live it. Though it may feel uncomfortable at first, don’t give up on it. Don’t give up on you.